About Us

  • Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a positive photographic workshop experience that will keep you returning for more. Whether you are an advanced photographer or just getting started, our workshops are designed to help you achieve your goals in learning how to be a better photographer. The workshops focusses on more than just creating incredible images. You will learn new techniques, expand your knowledge of creating art through photography, build new friendships and experience a very memorable photographic adventure.

  • About Us

Brian Riddell has spent the last three decades perfecting his photographic craft and winning many awards after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Art and History Degree which complements his degree in Applied Photography from Conestoga College. He began his photography career working for the Edmonton Journal. Brian's art has been shown at various galleries across Canada and Europe, most notably the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Other customers include National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Photo Life, De Dietriche, Royal Bank of Canada, Sheraton Hotels, Hilton Hotels Group, Toyota, NCR, Michelin Americas and Bridgestone Americas as well as many other public and private clients. Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada today he works locally and internationally. He has taught photography various educational institutions for many years. Brian is also a product ambassador for Jobu-Design.

Brian has traveled, guided and photographically documented many destinations throughout the world. He creates his photo workshops to maximize the learning experience. He designs everything by fully researching new locations and incorporating his experiences and anecdotes originating from the relationships he makes. He studies localities, cultural events and experiences of human interest and photographic value, and combines his extensive knowledge of the area based on past expeditions. The result is the best possible photographic experience for the individuals who partake of his workshops.

Brian and his team of photographers still believe in the overall philosophies of creative learning, individuality, creative collaboration all within a relaxed approach. The aim of our journeys is to progress our photographic abilities to the next level. With a goal to develop a personal vision that creates emotionally charged images, the particular viewpoint of each participant will contribute to what we hope is one of the most interesting experiences of your life.

We provide three levels of workshops:

  • Classic Series: The Classic Series is for beginners to advanced photographers, small in size, 6 to 8 photographers, in order to maximize the learning experience. These trips are meticulously planned and organized to destinations. Comfort level ***.

Advanced Series: The Advanced Series is more intense and includes field and classroom sessions. Designed for the intermediate to the advanced photographer, you must have more advanced photography skills already to be in this category. The workshops include advanced editing and processing. Comfort level ***.

Adventure Series: The Adventure Series takes you off the beaten path giving you the experience to create unique and rare photographs. The Adventure Series is our excuse to explore different worlds, to discover realities other than our own, and to see what happens behind the scenes and beyond what a normal traveler sees and experiences. We offer you a personal photographic view, one filled with adventure, that will improve your technical skills and boost your creativity. We carefully choose the locations as our itineraries are orientated towards more special and authentic experiences.

The small size of the group gives us plenty of time to learn and discuss technical problems, creative doubts, or any other personal matters that may arise. The small group size also helps achieve a friendly and less intrusive integration between the traveler and the people and locations we visit. We always plan to leave the environment the way we found it and not to interfere with wildlife and their habit.

Creating images must go beyond the mere “capture”. A photographer has a vision having a handle on technique is important your photographic style, and learning how you approach your subject material is the most interesting part of these trips. We hope to help you create photos that include a piece of you in them, and that help you understand and connect with your subject, instead of being merely a witness to what happens in front of the camera.

Private / Custom Workshops

If you want to take your photography to the next level, consider a private workshop. This intensive learning experience begins with a consultation to define your goals for the session. Based on our discussion, I’ll tailor the workshop to ensure your goals are met and you leave feeling confident about using your new skills when you’re on your own.

We can focus on any area you would like to develop, including:

  • Learning how to use your camera and how the various settings affect your photos
  • Taking better photos by developing your compositional skills, one of the most important elements of good photography
  • Exploring advanced techniques, such as long exposure, focus stacking, HDR, night photography, or any other technique that interests you
  • Portrait lighting techniques (in studio or on location)
  • Processing your images in Lightroom and Photoshop

Or we can explore the complete photographic process:

  • If you’re generally comfortable with your basic skills, but would like guidance as you photograph a favorite location, I can shadow you and offer input as you set up and photograph the scene. This is a less structured workshop that allows us to deal with questions and techniques as they come up. The goal is to help you improve your overall photographic process and come away with some great images from the shoot.

Whatever your goal, I’m determined to help you reach it – and we’ll have fun doing it. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss your goals and plan a workshop. A private workshop (or semi-private, if you’d like to split the cost with a friend) may be scheduled any time from before sunrise to sunset, or even after dark if the focus is on night photography

Fun, Safe, Environmental Responsible and Exciting

Photography is our excuse to explore different worlds, to discover realities other than our own, and discover what happens behind the scenes, beyond what a normal traveler might see. We are all passionate about photography, and want our clients to share that we approach this challenge by creating an opportunity to catch everything at its best; evaluating lighting, the scene, and watching people interacting with the image until we hit the perfect, most natural composition.

These tours and expeditions will be exciting, passionate, and fun. It will open doors to new worlds rich in opportunities and bring out the emerging artist in you, but the pace of the daily work can be demanding.

Our priority, when choosing accommodation, is to give you proximity to the desired photographic location and contact with local people. With a few exceptions, we stay at well-placed hotels that allow us to reach the area of photography in a short time, and have good amenities, including private bathrooms and temperature controls.

Safety is also one of our prime concerns. We adhere to all safety requirements in all locations.

Daily Planning

We will try to be at each location at the best time of day, which may involve early starts. A day spent taking photographs can be long, but we will do our best to keep you challenged, giving you new opportunities to help improve your current photography level. We work with all weather conditions, and advise that you come prepared for rain, snow, and wind.

These are trips where photography is taught and learned, but not in the traditional manner. Far less academic than a typical photographic workshop taken in a classroom setting, these trips take place in remote areas that are beautiful and interesting.

As professional photographers, we will give you advice on the technical aspects of photography. So you gain knowledge and skill, but above all, we will provide you with how to approach and view the environment, gain the photographer's eye. Advice on equipment preparation is key to ensuring a successful day in the field.

Spontaneous lessons will alternate between analysis of photographic techniques and photo reviewing sessions.

Come with us and have a great experience. We offer detailed itineraries and personal instruction so you can focus on improving your photography. We collaborate with the best pros and local guides to offer landscapes and environments enabling you to best capture and focus on our beautiful planet that you will cherish forever.

We have been running these workshops for years. We know where we need to be, and at what time of day we need to be at each location to maximize the lighting and get you the photos that you expect. We also will make sure you are well-prepared with the right equipment before you leave home. Our pre-workshop briefing will ensure that you have packed the right clothing, you have the gear you need and you know where we are going to be during each day of your photography vacation with us. All the logistics will be handled, all you have to do is show up, shoot and have a great time on your vacation.