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Our specialized UAV team combines drones for aerial photography with wide-ranging skill sets to deliver client-specific aerial imaging services throughout Canada. We do aerial photo and video for architecture, construction projects, agriculture condition reporting (thermal), insurance, real estate portfolios, and security imaging.


We utilize a fleet UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), often referred to as drone aircraft, that are remotely controlled and assisted by GPS position and altitude.

These aircraft provide a super stable platform that allows us to gather photos and video, ranging from small 4 motor DJI Mavic (quadcopter) for confined areas, up to large 4 motor DJI Matrice 210 and Inspire 2 UAVs with full 3 axis 360-degree gimbals carrying cameras.

The size and nature of these aircraft allow us to specialize in low altitude, high definition aerial imaging that traditional aircraft or ground-based systems cannot obtain, in a safer and more economical manner.


Our process begins with initial contact with our clients to discuss the specific needs, location, and deliverables. This is followed by an on-site inspection and site survey to ensure the operation can be performed in a safe and effective manner.

Following a full review by our team, a statement of work will be provided outlining the deliverable and costs.

We are rated for advance operations and reviewer status and have a standing national SFOC certificate from Transport Canada for all of Canada.

Which can cover the different areas of Canada, including controlled airspace, in most cases we can forgo the typical application process and are basically pre-authorized for most locations in some regions.

This allows us to provide aerial services to our clients in a much-condensed time-frame over the normal operation specific process that can take other operators up to 20 days or longer to obtain. (Some areas may still require specific SFOC applications.)

During the scheduled time we will arrive on site, setup, and perform the flight if the required conditions allow for safe and viable flight and shooting.

Once the flight operation is completed, we will review the material and provide feedback and samples to our client, along with the invoice for the services.

Following payment, the full media set will be provided to the client via an online download location or on physical media.


Rates vary on a project by project basis based on the scope and location and related factors. Hourly, full day, and project-specific rates available.

Included in the pricing are a minimum 2 man crew, aircraft, camera (unless one is provided by client), SFOC application, and liability insurance. We cover the full end to end solution for your specific operation. Work outside of Southern Ontario core area will incur travel costs.

Customer Expectations

Here are answers to frequently asked questions as to what to expect from our drone aerial photography-video services and how the process works.

What we will need before attending the aerial shoot

Depending on the nature of the aerial pictures or video for your project, we will need to fully understand your objectives and requirements. This can easily be obtained from your team once we’re speaking in person or over the phone.

This information can be summarized as follows:

  1. The type of and/or purpose of the aerial footage to be shot.
  2. Dates and alternative dates you wish the aerial shooting to start.
  3. The location or locations of each aerial shoot.
  4. How you would like the aerial footage to be delivered to you. i.e. as raw files or edited and packaged as a promotional photography or video.
  5. When the completion date is expected.

How and when do you obtain your drone based videos and images?

If you plan on using us for your video editing services, then we’ll be taking the media we’ve created back to our studio and assemble and edit your videos as per your requirements.

If you will be handing your videos over to your current marketing team or will be doing your video editing yourself, you receive your videos via email a few hours after the shoot.

Our drones are equipped with technology which allows us to download videos and images directly from the drone to our laptops which means if necessary we can send you the footage on scene if required. This process doesn’t affect the quality of the media.


Property Shots

Starting at $250.

Includes aerial pictures and videos of your property which can be used for any purpose. Delivered in raw format, PSD, MOV or JPEG. Other formats are available on request.

Real Estate

Starting $360.

Aerial footage is planned, routed and shot, and it is delivered to you in raw data format


Starting at $ 450.

Includes aerial footage of all types of events, and can include custom video editing and delivery.

Media Packages

Varies call for a quote.

Includes aerial footage, and custom video editing to product delivery.

Note: Travel costs are not included.

We employ state of the art drones and high definition cameras, and apply a creative touch to all footage that's rarely seen in this industry.

Aerial photography and video will enhance your creatives, provide highly useful information to your clients, and give them a view that's generally unreachable through conventional photography. We create high quality and high-res drone based media for clients in every sector - real estate, construction projects, property builders, contractors, weddings, event planners, TV & film production, and much more!

Whatever industry or business sector you're in, or whatever your video needs may be, aerial drone footage will create eye-catching videos that will surely add a dimension to your videos that most of your viewers are expecting to experience.

We provide drone services for almost every industry you can think of and virtually any business case.

Liability Insurance

We are fully insured for commercial UAV operations, with 2 million dollar coverage.

Contact Us For A Quote

If you'd like to discuss your specific project, contact us at and we can arrange a consultation.

Commercial UAV Use in Canada

Within Canada, the commercial use of UAVs is strictly regulated by Transport Canada. Any and all commercial work performed with remotely controlled aircraft must have a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for each flight, along with proper UAV liability insurance.

Be sure to always use an operator that follows these regulations as you could be subject to fines and legal action if these are not in place.

For further details please see the following Transport Canada article - UAVs & SFOCs: An Overview of the Commercial Use of Unmanned Aircraft in Canada