We offer various photographic adventure workshops with experienced and acclaimed photographers and tour guides through-out the World.


  • Storm Season Landscape Workshop
  • Classic Series
  • Location: Tofino BC Area
  • Timeframe: Dec. 8th to 11th, 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Max. 8 people group-NOW FULL
  • Price: $1790.00 CAD

The enjoyment of viewing and photographing Tofino's spectacular winter storms. The storm season generally starts in November and carries through till the late stages of spring, but the most intense period lasts from December into February. Catching a big one takes a bit of luck but if you were to keep up to date with the developing systems swirling through the offshore waters you could. These powerful storms are created by deep low-pressure systems that move up into the Gulf of Alaska generating storm fronts that spin-off hitting the coast armed with hurricane force winds, torrential rain and massive ocean swells that can swallow up small offshore islands in a single...


  • Venice Carnival Workshop
  • Classic Series
  • Location: Venice, Italy
  • Timeframe: Feb. 2nd to 7th 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Max. 8 people group-NOW FULL
  • Price: $4485.00 CAD

This workshop sells out fast so do not wait to sign up it is my most popular adventure! Venice is a wonderful and romantic place to visit at any time of the year. But, during Carnival it is incredible. Set in a medieval setting with stunning architecture and history behind every door is a festival that photographers just should not miss the opportunity. Hundreds of people compete with each other for the most outrageous and creative costumes imaginable. The colours are breath-taking and the imagination of the designers is out of this world. You will not believe how many photos you will take I one day due to the amount of scenery to shoot! Your camera will need a nightly rest after each...


  • Iceland and Northern Lights
  • Classic Series
  • Location: Iceland
  • Timeframe: March 21st to March 30th 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Max. 8 people group-nOW fULL
  • Price: $7950.00 CAD

Iceland is one of the most exciting places to visit for a nature photographer. The landscapes are absolutely wild - active volcanos, thunderous waterfalls, crystalline glaciers, rugged coastlines, geothermal pools, geysers, and sculpted blue ice caves that are among the most incredible subjects to photograph. In addition, the Icelandic horses make wonderful subjects, and isolated churches and quaint villages are also very photogenic. In winter, this incredible island nation is even more dramatic. The cold climate allows us to safely explore ice caves, the snow shrouded waterfalls are partially frozen, and the reduced hours of daylight allow you to capture the stunning aurora borealis in all its glory....

Peggy's Cove Morning

  • Newfoundland Landscape Workshop
  • Classic Series
  • Location: Newfoundland, Canada Area
  • Timeframe: June 12th to 20th, 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Max. 6 people group-NOW FULL
  • Price: $5250.00 CAD

Newfoundland is one of the most beautiful areas of Canada. It has everything for a photographer -- stunning fjords, super closeup encounters with seabirds like puffins, gannets, murres, kittiwakes, and more, quaint Newfoundland villages with colorful houses, beautifully situated lighthouses, icebergs, whales, and Viking settlements. This diversity of photo opportunities will help you grow as a photographer because all of your skills will be called upon to capture the beauty in great pictures. We will help you master photography for the landscapes and...


  • Grizzly Bear, Black Bears, Eagles and Orcas Workshop
  • Classic Series
  • Location: Knight's Inlet BC Canada.
  • Timeframe: September 1st- 7th 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Maximum 6 people group-NOW FULL
  • Price: $5700.00 CAD
  1. This is the trip of a lifetime to get as close as safely possible to wild grizzly bears without disturbing them in their natural environment. We photograph them in a beautiful remote location as these predators feed on salmon as they interact with each other in the river. And as they stare into you telephoto lens. In fall season as they prepare for winter their bellies are full of food and their coats are getting thick for the winter season (which is the safest time to view them). It is a great time to shoot them (photographically) because the this time of year the sun is fairly low in the sky which provides...


  • Mongolia Herders and Eagle Hunters

  • Adventure Series

  • Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  • Timeframe: Sept. 27th 2018 to Oct. 7th 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Max. people: 8 NOW FULL
  • Price: $9900.00 CAD

On this adventure photo workshop we will be spending the majority of our time in Mongolia camped with nomadic families. This is designed to give you the best opportunity to document authentically the lives of both herding families and the families of the eagle hunters. March time in Western Mongolia is still very cold, with night time temperatures regularly approaching -20C. Most of the areas we are visiting are also void of any roads and so travel may at points be uncomfortable. A reasonable level of fitness is also required...


  • Florence - La Spezia-Cinque Terra
  • Classic Series
  • Location: Tuscany Area
  • Timeframe: Oct. 14th to 22nd 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Maximum 8 people group-NOW FULL
  • Price: $5900.00 CAD

Fortified medieval towns, mists in the mornings, cobblestone streets, artistic stands of trees and inspiring cathedrals all of this Tuscany plus a lot more Combine the Tuscan experience with the stunning Cinque Terre Coast where the five colourful villages hug the rocky cliffs above a deep blue sea, and you have an Italian experience that will thrill anyone who loves photographing beauty, history, culture and art. Join us for a very special photography tour that offers some of the best photo opportunities in Europe. We take advantage of the best lighting early and late in the day to capture award winning fine art images everywhere we travel. Not to be...


  • Ireland with Game of Thrones Extension Workshop
  • Classic Series
  • Location: Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Timeframe: Aug. 26th 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • 5 days + 2 optional days
  • Max. 9 people group-NOW FULL
  • Cost: $3835.00 CAD add $1235.00 CAD for Extension

This all-inclusive photo tour covers Donegal in the wild northwest of Ireland, while the optional Game of Thrones extension will take you to UNESCO world heritage site Giant's Causeway, the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and Ballycastle. You will also see the old Ballintoy harbor and the Dark Hedges – both famous filming locations for the Game of Thrones series.

Experience Ireland in microcosm. The locations we will take you to have it all. From stormy cobble beaches to shipwreck sites and ancient ruins, from castles, waterfalls and mountains (yes, Ireland has...


  • Atacama Mountains and Deserts
  • Classic Series
  • Location: Atacama and Puna Area, Argentina
  • Timeframe: Nov 4th-12th 2018
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Max. people: -NOW FULL
  • Price: $9880.00 CAD

Prepare to be amazed by Argentina’s majestic Atacama and Puna high deserts of surrounded by ancient volcanic craters, lava fields, cinder cones, salt flats, and white dunes. From the tall white stone towers of The Pumice Stone Fields, to the clay canyons of The Red Labyrinth, to the crystal-crusted playas of Dead Man Salt Flat, Laguna Verde and Salinas Grandes.

(It’s like Death Valley – on steroids.) The surrounding mountains collect billowing clouds that shed rain, which rarely hits the ground because the air is so dry. It’s all transformed by dramatic shifts in light and temperature, several times a day. Night brings an entirely new dimension as the clearest skies on the planet offer dazzling celestial...


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