Eagle Hunters of Mongolia Workshop

  • Mongolia Herders and Eagle Hunters

  • Adventure Series

  • Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  • Timeframe: Sept. 28th 2019 to Oct. 5th 2019
  • Instructor: Brian Riddell
  • Max. people: 8 NOW FULL
  • Price: $9900.00 CAD

On this adventure photo workshop we will be spending the majority of our time in Mongolia camped with nomadic families. This is designed to give you the best opportunity to document authentically the lives of both herding families and the families of the eagle hunters. March time in Western Mongolia is still very cold, with night time temperatures regularly approaching -20C. Most of the areas we are visiting are also void of any roads and so travel may at points be uncomfortable. A reasonable level of fitness is also required to hike to viewpoints. However, what this tour may lack in comfort, it will easily make up for in photographic opportunity.

We will be providing suitable equipment such as gers (Mongolian national dwelling) , camping beds (to keep you off the floor) and generators (to charge computers and camera batteries) but tour participants will be required to provide their own winter sleeping bag and cold weather clothing.

A full kit list will be provided in advance of the trip and we will of course help with sourcing any clothing or kit you may need to purchase pre-trip. Note: The itinerary is subject to change slightly due to changeable internal flight schedules.

It's not the journey it's the destination. Our adventure are for those photographers who are willing to go the extra mile to photograph something unique and special. If you love travel when the going gets tough and are willing to sacrifice a little comfort for a host of unique experiences, these tours are for you.

Workshop Day Typical

We start each day with a group reception on each location and you will be given an orientation presentation on the area. We will also show you examples of the kind of photographic situations that you will be in, but also make some suggestions on how you should approach these situations and capture great results.


Day 1 We will arrive into Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, in time for an evening meal and drinks. During this ‘meet and greet’ dinner we can get to know each other and discuss the next twelve days. Depending on your arrival time into Ulaanbaatar there may be an opportunity for you to explore the city during the afternoon and see the famous sites such as The Chinggis Khan Square or Gandan Monastery.

Days 2 & 3 - Altai Tavan Bogd and Herding Family We take an early morning flight to the capital of Western Mongolia, Ulgii where we meet our vehicle and guides. After breakfast we will start the drive to find our first herding family within the beautiful Altai Tavan Bogd national park. This first stop will give you the chance to get accustomed to Mongolian culture, and to get into the rythmn of shooting. There will be plenty of opportunities over the two days to photograph daily life with the nomads as well as photographing them using orga to catch horses at sunset.

During this time, we will also start to take you through the steps involved in creating a photo story. This will give you the essential grounding to create a cohesive body of work over the rest of the trip.

Days 4 & 5 - Herding Family 2 We will venture further into the national park for our second stay of the expedition. We will look to immerse ourselves with a local nomad family once again here. On the evening of the fifth day we will travel back to Ulgii in the evening to get some of that available WIFI as well as a comfortable bed for the night.

Days 6 & 7 - Introduction to the Eagle Hunters We will wake early in the morning to make the long drive into the remote northern part of Western Mongolia. Here we will find our first eagle hunting family, who both Asher and the local guides will have worked with before. We will stay with the first family for two days, documenting their daily life and acting as our first chance to go and watch the hunters train in the nearby mountains. This will be your ideal introduction to the hunts before we photograph one live.

Days 8 & 9 - Eagle Hunters 2 After two days with our first family, we will push on even further north to a second hunting family. This time we will have the opportunity to both photograph a live hunt and also learn how to capture the 'hero' shot of an eagle hunter at sunset. There will also be the opportunity to learn from Asher the techniques involved in creating stunning portraits using natural light.

Days 10 & 11 - Eagle Hunters 3 Our final stop on the tour is with a third eagle hunting family back closer to Ulgii. We hope to again shoot a live eagle hunt and have the opportunity to shoot some more epic hero shots. This final stop will be the perfect chance for you to put your experience of the last ten days into practice. Once we leave our final family, we will make our way back through some small villages, photograph in a few homes.

After our amazing adventure, it will be time to head to the airport for your return home, hopefully full of images ,new friendships and some amazing memories.

  1. Deposit: $1000.00 CAD and the balance due 90 days before the trip starts.

    Our itineraries are designed to take advantage of the best light and the best photographic opportunities. Participants should allow for flexibility due to changes in weather, traffic, local governmental policy changes, cultural events, or other logistical arrangements deemed necessary.


  2. All lodging (accommodation is two where available) photographic guidance and critiques , all breakfasts, welcome and farewell dinner, transportation from the airport to your hotel and return to the airport.

    Not Included:

  3. International transportation to and from the meeting location, alcoholic beverages, tips and anything not listed in Includes: (above).

  4. Send us a email with any questions.